Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Stephanie

This picture is of Stephanie and Brian.  Brian is my younger brother and Stephanie is the only girl he ever dated.  I think they met when he was 16.  I was already off to college and didn't meet her until later.  I think they were a bit insane and got married, if I remember right, about two weeks after he got home from his mission to the Dominican Republic.  The picture above was taken around that time.  I guess it worked for them!

Stephanie is one of those people that children take to immediately.  At least, it seems that way to me.  I think that children who have never seen her before would be happy to tell her all about what they have been doing and they recognize in her someone who cares about them.  She worked at Kinder Care for years and my sisters and I agreed at some point that she was the favorite aunt on our side of the family.  Our kids would always be excited to see Aunt Stephanie and she took the time to play with them.  She seems to find energy that we know she shouldn't have when it comes to dealing with children and people she loves.

I took this picture from my brothers album.  It's Stephanie with Noah on his baptism day.  Brian and Stephanie have four children.  Noah is third and the only boy. 

I admire quite a few things about Stephanie.  She has determination and manages to exercise most of the time, even when it is hard for her, because she knows that it will help her overall health.  She is very dedicated.  In spite of what I feel are daunting health challenges, she does what she needs to so she'll stay as healthy as she can.  She even makes herself drink smoothies with carrots in them.  Eww!

She is a great hostess.  Our kids still love to stay at their house and I don't think it is all because of the theater room.  I think a lot of it is that Aunt Stephanie comes up with fun activities for them to do and is willing to take them places sometimes.  She is easy to talk to and is a good listener.  She is so good at putting other people first that I think she sometimes has to quietly collapse for a couple of days after we leave because she has overdone it.  But she doesn't complain (to us anyhow) and she always invites us to come back.
Once Stephanie brought her kids to visit us.  I had a cold but didn't mention it because I usually don't get hit very hard by colds.  Unfortunately, this was the exception and Stephanie kindly kept sending me to bed and taking care of her children and mine and my house.  I am hoping that one day she will come when I am well and I can spoil her for a change.

Stephanie is going to college now.  She is studying to be a nurse and I would be a bit afraid to attempt the classes she is taking!  She's brave.  Stephanie is really busy, but I like that she always seems glad to hear from me if I call and she takes the time to talk to me if she can. 

I doubt Stephanie thinks of herself as "Sweet Stephanie", but she is sweet to our kids, and sweet to me and I am thankful for her.

Happy late birthday to Stephanie (whose birthday is the day after Megz -- on Jan. 2).

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Megz said...

It's nice to hear more about the people I only occasionally see at family gatherings. Stephanie sounds like a keeper for sure.