Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Good Thing

This story actually took place before Connor was born, but it's hard to find the perfect picture!
When the girls were little Derek would often come home from work at 5:30.  We could hardly wait to see him, and were ready to greet him with all of our woes.  We all loved to have someone who would listen to our grievances with sympathy.  Our days were good, but by 5:30 we were tired, and grumpy, and often forgot the good parts.  We never really stopped to think that being bombarded with bad things wasn't Derek's favorite way to be greeted.

Finally, Derek started asking us to tell him one good thing about our day before we said anything negative.  This changed our focus from what went wrong on any given day, to what went right.  It led to a lot happier conversations than our daily tattle sessions.  Now, years later, Kayli has taken it upon herself to make sure we all remember something good about our day at dinner time.  It is really easy in moments of exhaustion to look back and remember the day in a grumpy way, but if we honestly try, we can look back on our day and find at least one good thing.

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Anna said...

LOVE this idea! I think it's a great one and I think we're going to try it, starting tonight. I love all of the interesting things you've been posting lately.